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Hi there.

We’re a 30-something’s travel blogging couple who believe many of life’s lessons and learning’s are found through experiences of others cultures, beliefs and histories.

We get it. We’re the Millennial’s. The generation who are deemed ‘lazy’ because we are motivated by passion over money and our high expectations are twisted by previous generations as us being entitled. It’s easy to judge what you don’t understand and, in fact, studies show the older we get the more resistance we have against change.

So, before we do become needy seniors or change our mind and decide money is the main driver in life, we will continue to eat our smashed avocado [hunting it down in every global city we visit] and be driven by our passion to explore. 

We started The Joneses off a common thought shared amongst friends, while holidaying along the Amalfi Coast. We couldn’t find a one-stop-shop that wasn’t heavily geared to either end of the travel scale; backpacking or luxurious Kardashian-travel styles.

So we thought, why not share that middle ground.

Why not create something that doesn’t currently exist. An online destination for those whose travel style is the same as ours; somewhere in-between those damp backpacker rooms and the “I only eat caviar for breakfast” options. 

You won’t find us travelling with our laptops to immediately record the fluffiness of a hotels pillow, or how many times one can call for ice up to the room before the staff get annoyed. Instead, we scribble and take photos. We immerse ourselves in the experiences and our own lives first, before reporting back to you.

The Joneses.

Ready. Set. Vogue.

Look. I’m sure we’re not the only ones out there who get so excited they eat all the food before it can be snapped up for the blog. Or who get so absorbed in a new place that we forget to take a photo of that really cool thing we told you we did. 

You’ll find us capturing the worst photos of ourselves [double chins and all] because; those are the memories we want to keep, to look back on to revoke those feelings. Not the posed curated versions. So forgive us if our images aren’t a full blow-by-blow of what direction the toilet flushes. You can get those on the hotel and booking sites.

All photos we do capture though, and pop on up here, are our own, unless otherwise credited. 


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