The only people up at 3am are in love, lonely, drunk, or all three.

Airports. There’s something about the air of them. 

Our favourite time to arrive or depart anywhere is late at night or early mornings. A sunrise or sunset as you board your next adventure. Not a lot beats that feeling.

A crisp morning or a humid evening. The air is the same.

The lines of taxis with all the drivers out of their cabs chatting to one another. 

A place that both happiness and sadness are felt by the same person. Saying goodbye to friends or family but hello to an adventure. Welcoming loved ones home. A sensory overload.

The business travellers who time arrival and boarding to the T. The newlyweds hand in hand. The backpackers asleep on their backpacks. The families who wished they did a Home Alone and ‘left’ some of the kids back home. The ‘there’s always one’ who tries to take water bottles though security’.

A place we are equal. No matter who you are; a long stopover is a chance for a quiet corner and a catchup on sleep [regardless of that being in the lounge or middle of the restaurants] .We all drink the bad coffee from the only late night cafe open. We all see a chair with a charging port as gold. 

Time stands still as we are all sat waiting in limbo, hoping the next boarding call is ours.

The exploring. The journey. That travel feeling. 

The new smells, sights and sounds. The nostalgic return to a place you deeply connected with. This is where the journey both starts and ends, at the same time.

That’s why we started The Joneses; to share that feeling with others [and perhaps try and make ours last past our return home].