Nice | October 2017

Arriving in the early evening, as the sun began to set, the lights on all the buildings and lining the must-see Azure Coastline, began to sparkle with life. It didn’t feel like a big European city, nor did it feel like a small European town.

Nice is it’s own. It’s own offering that doesn’t fit the ‘If you don’t speak French the Parisians won’t like you’ mould. It’s own vibe that doesn’t try to mimic another and offers a beauty that no other romantic European city can offer. 

As we got closer and closer to our hotel, the brain was in overdrive trying to remember what little of our high school French we had half listened to so many years ago, wondering if Sacre Bleu was really a term actually used by the French. 


From the beginning, we had planned to stay in the iconic The Negresco Hotel. You just have to search Nice and Negresco will appear, in all its beauty. Where architecture and design meet in harmony .

When booking Negresco, we thought we would look at any other options in case there was something else we found. We shouldn’t have looked. 

We found Hotel Boscolo. 

The opposite of The Negresco. Boscolo was modern and clean whereas The Negresco has charm, was the oldest hotel but so bloody elegant. 

We chose two nights in each hotel because, why not. 

Boscolo was great. The service, the rooms, the lower ground pool … they were all great. But was it The Negresco? No. We loved it for what it was but we wished we had booked all four nights at The Negresco. We tried to cancel Boscolo and book The Negresco but sadly they didn’t have any rooms available [well the suites we wanted. They did have a garden view room but it wasn’t what we wanted for our time in Nice].

The Jones Rating


It’s hard for us to put an exact price rating on Nice. This was our end of Europe trip location where we wanted to treat ourselves and spend more on accommodation and more time inside that accommodation v’s out every day.

In general, eating out at nearby cafes and restaurants and buying alcohol at nearby stores was actually really well priced and about the save as the other European cities we had just been to [Rome, Sicily, Barcelona].

We drank at our hotel bars as they were too nice to leave for another bar, so we only purchased a celebratory bottle of champagne [celebrating life in general] outside of the hotels. 


Two words; Negresco Hotel.

Nice was lovely, walking along the Azure Coastal walk was lovely, the food and atmosphere people walking along the coastal walk was lovely. But. Negrosco was what we went for and what we would [and still dream] of returning for. 

We would also love to overnight in Monaco to explore there some more and see the rich living as the rich do….on their yacht’s far away from us commoners. 


With us being in Nice in such a short time frame and having also spent a lot of our time inside our wonderful hotels [as planned],  we didn’t feel like we had the chance to come across anything bad.

Nice City Guide

The Joneses Nice

Do Travel …

We took a train ride over to Monaco for the day. While it wasn’t enough to see and do everything, it was enough for us to run into some celebrities and know we would want to return there for a longer period. 

Do Relax …

Got sunshine and time to relax? Grab one of the sunbeds on the shoreline of the Azure coast and take it how blue an ocean really can be. 

Do EAT …

The Chantecler is Hotel Negresco’s Michelin Star Restaurant and is everything you can imagine from a Michelin Star French Restaurant. Do yourselves a favour and also visit their other Restaurant, La Rontonde. A fun [but still delicious] carousel themed eatery.

Do ExPlore … 

Whether you stay at Hotel Negresco or not, we cannot recommend enough a walk through this incredible hotel. The owner, an art collector, has hung and displayed her pieces [some one-offs] for all to experience.