Positano | October 2017

Take a stroll through Positano and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into one of the hundreds of photos you see on Instagram during European summer. Just like Mary Poppins. 

As you venture downhill through the town and towards the coastline, your upwards gaze is of vines with beautiful blooming flowers. Passing by inviting restaurant courtyards and local stores, each as quaint and admirable as the next.

When the vines clear and the path opens up, the sight makes you simply stop. And smile. 

Coloured beach shacks, local fishing boats, blue and white striped beach umbrellas shading tanning tourists and drool-inducing restaurants with a ‘money-can’t-buy’ experience.

Welcome to the Amalfi Coast line.

There’s a settled and inviting difference in Positano compared to other parts of Italy, like Rome or Sicily. The locals don’t rush. We can only think it is due to the calmness the ocean brings and the beautifully coloured houses stacked perfectly from ground up, along their Cliffside town. An unplanned art piece.


Positano was the first stop after some dear friends wedding in Santorini, Greece. A group of us carried on, including the newlyweds, for a friend-a-moon. 

We stayed in an Airbnb with two other friends at one end of the main street, up the hill. On the third floor in a large apartment complex, the apartments biggest appeal was its very large balcony and outdoor area, overlooking the town below. We also sat and watched cars winding around the mountains and the boats come in and out of the shore.The rest of the apartment was also very large, with three bedrooms and the two we used divided by a large indoor living area.

The kitchen was plenty for us but in all honesty, we only used it once to prepare a cheese-grazing board for a small group of friends to enjoy over wine [of course]. The apartment had two bathrooms which was amazing, although on the smaller side, they certainly fit the boys in comfortably and did what we needed.

If you don’t like, or can’t take, multiple flights of stairs then this Airbnb isn’t for you. The complex is large and has multiple flights of stairs up to the apartment with no elevator as an alternative. So you and your luggage are required to do some lower body workouts to get up there. It is also at the top of the street which has a slight incline so again, if you struggle health wise with that, then maybe look at the hotel option or something on the main street in the centre of the town.  

The Joneses Rating


Positano itself is about the same price as Perth, Australia. You will pay on average AUD$20 to $45 for a dinner dish. If you’re on a tighter budget, perhaps dine at places not so close to the centre. 

Accommodation for us varied, based on what we needed. Even through peak season, we felt our Airbnb and hotel were really well priced. Surprisingly well priced in fact.

For an ‘Instagram worthy’ European city, Positano was on the lower cost end of our European cities. 


Exploring more of the coastline. While we were on our Little Red Fish boat to Da Adolfo, we got to see a great view of the coastline and the other towns scattered along it. A return to hop from place to place, or to even stay on one of the private villas sitting of the cliff-edge, is certainly on the cards.


Be aware that buses of tourists staying in close-by towns arrive early morning by the, well, bus loads. We learnt this within the first few days when the small streets would fill with people. We ended up timing our breakfasts and morning explores before the buses arrived and ventured into shops and restaurants late afternoon when they would leave.

Positano City Guide

The Joneses Positano

Experiences and places we would recommend on your trip to Positano. Of course, we always encourage getting lost in a new city and finding your own adventures as well.

Remember; those places you see on Instagram are already full. Find somewhere that’s yet to be explored.

Do Eat & DRINK At…

Le Sirenuse is the top of our list for drinks and food. Share a romantic dinner for two inside La Sponda, or enjoy drinks in Franco’s bar. 

Want something closer to the shore? Chez Black is one of the oldest restaurants in Positano.


Jump on an in-expensive tour ferry and go visit Capri for the day. Want lunch over there? Michel’angelo is our recommendation.

There are also boat tours along the coastline to sites like Grotta dello Smeraldo. A natural wonder inside a cave.

Do, Do…

Explore the beautiful antique stores and handmade wares throughout the streets, to take a piece of Positano home with you.

There are hikes offered to wonderful lookouts if you’re an adventurer, as well as bus trips to Amalfi to take in some more of the coastlines history and views.

Go Private…

On the main beach you will find lots of tour boats to take you to close-by islands. 

Look for the fishing boat with the red fish. He will take you to a small private island to restaurant Da Adolfo. Laze on the beaches sunbeds and indulge in the only restaurant on the small beach, with the water at your feet. P.S. they do bar service down to the beach.